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Beardslee Public House specializes in the creation of high-quality, scratch-casual cuisine. Most everything on the menu is made in house with carefully chosen locally sourced ingredients.

The Beardslee menu has something for everyone and features a variety of delicious food preparations you might expect, such as house-made burgers, hand-tossed pizzas and an assortment of sausages – as well as unexpected and unusual culinary delights, such as grilled Kalbi pork jerky, the veggi rillette (otherwise known as ratatouille in a jar) and numerous other hand-crafted artisan charcuterie specialties (don’t miss the chef’s charcuterie platter, pork rillette and country pate).

Close proximity to world-class craft beer and its ingredients influenced the creation of this menu and makes beverage pairing easy. Beardslee-inspired dishes include: the stout-infused deviled eggs, Greenleaf IPA & jalapeno hummus, the spent grain pretzel – a soft pretzel made with grains from Beardslee beer and served with stout-infused mustard, ale battered Walla Walla onion rings, hand-tossed pizzas with malted grains used to make the crust and the Beardslee Pale Ale, cauliflower and cheddar cheese soup with frizzled onions.

The history of Bothell is steeped in the logging industry to honor that tradition we have named many of our beers after classic and unusual timber and logging terms or some after historic Bothelltonians! We hope you enjoy the names as much as the brews themselves, Cheers!

The menu and menu pricing may change at any time, that the menus are a representation of what we have but may not be complete at all times!

Year Round Offerings

Bastard Grain Pale Ale

A crisp easy drinking ale featuring hop varieties from England. Slightly malt forward with moderate bitterness and a floral hop aroma.

IBU 40; 5.5% abv

Greenleaf IPA

Hops, Hops, Hops. Using a technique called hop-bursting, our IPA derives its mellow bitterness and strong hop aroma and flavor from copious amounts of late addition hopping.

IBU 60; 6.4% abv

Four Ginger IPA

Featuring fresh, candied, pickled & Thai ginger. This IPA dances on your taste buds, truely a summer pleaser.

IBU 60; 6.4% abv

Knotted Porter

Dark and roasty, our Porter nods its frothy head at the bittersweet chocolate malt that colors this beer. Mild bitterness and low hop aroma allow this malty elixir to shine. A completely satisfying sipper.

IBU 35; 5.4% abv

Widow Maker Wit

Our Belgian style Wit ale is light, crisp and refreshing. Cloudy from unmalted wheat, and flavored with orange peel and coriander, our Wit was designed to define the style.

IBU 28; 7% abv

Beaver Bait Blonde

An easy drinking ale perfect to quench your thirst and wake up your taste buds for our other offerings.

IBU 35; 5.1% abv


Availability varies based on Season and our head brewers creativity…please ask your server for current selections!

Extra Special Bitter

Slightly sweet with a fruity quality provided by our house ale yeast Beardslee ESB is a great beer to celebrate the end of the workday.

IBU 45; 5.7% abv

Double IPA

An India Pale Ale that goes one step further in flavor and bitterness.

IBU 75; 7.9% abv

Triple IPA

A sipping bitter hop bomb. Our Triple IPA features more then 3lbs/bbl of the finest aromatic hops riding on top of a nice malty backbone.

IBU 95; 9.8% abv

Barley Wine

A marriage of malt and hops; barley wines are like sipping a fine cognac and just as enjoyable.

IBU 80; 9.9% abv

Belgian Triple

Our Belgian style Triple is dry and effervescent. A fruity spiciness is created with our house Belgian yeast strain. Crisp and delicious.

IBU 28; 8.5% abv

Belgian Saison

Spicy and tart, a saison seeks to elevate the food you eat. Ours does just that.

IBU 18; 4.8% abv

India Session Ale

A hoppy beer you can drink all day long. Light in body and heavy on hop flavor our ISA is a perfect "lawnmower" beer.

IBU 55; 4.7% abv

Pumpkin Ale

Flavored with classic pumpkin pie spices, and with pumpkin meat in the mash, our Pumpkin ale is the real deal. A "gourdgeous" Autumnal Ale.

IBU 15; 6% abv

Dry Irish Stout

Poured with nitrogen, this classic beer cascades in your glass until a perfect frothy head forms and traps the creamy and dry ebony liquid. Count the rings that form in your glass with each sip.

IBU 28; 4.8% abv

Rye Pale Ale

Unlike an all barley malt Pale Ale, Rye malt adds spicy and earthy overtones that harmonize with the fruity hops.

IBU 40; 6% abv

Oktoberfest Marzen

Bready, malty, crisp and sweet. Prost! It's Oktoberfest in Bothell!

IBU 20; 5.4% abv

German Wheat

Featuring a palate of clove and banana from the authentic weihenstephan yeast strain, our Hefeweizen is the ultimate Summer thirst quescher.

IBU 20; 5.3% abv

American Stout

Robust and meaty. Dark yet dank with hop flavor and aroma, our American Stout is a meal in a glass.

IBU 60; 7.3% abv