Our beers are crafted downstairs from the restaurant in our on-site brewery. The history of Bothell is steeped in the logging industry to honor that tradition we have named many of our beers after classic and unusual timber and logging terms or some after historic Bothelltonians! We hope you enjoy the names, and know you will enjoy the brews!
    • Beardslee Beer


      IBU 60; 6.4% ABV

      Hops, Hops, Hops. Made using a technique called hop bursting, this IPA delivers a mellow bitterness with strong hop aroma & flavor. The style IPA was the original ‘pale’ ale of England, created with more hops to stabilize the beer while being exported to India (hence the name) and later adopted for domestic consumption. Named for Bothell history, Columbus S. Greenleaf was one of the first settlers in Bothell.


      IBU 40; 5.50% ABV

      Malty & spicy with a hint of rye, it is an easy drinking ale. ESB is an English style ale that falls in the “bitter” category. There are three separate recognized styles within the world of bitters: standard or ordinary, special, and extra special or strong bitter, better known as ESB. “Knuckle Boom” is a hydraulically operated mechanical arm.


      IBU 45; 5.5% ABV

      A light and refreshing ale featuring classic NW cascade hops. This IS your father's pale ale ( if he was drinking craft beer in the mid 90's ).


      IBU 35; 5.1% ABV

      An easy-drinking ale, perfect to quench your thirst & wake up your taste buds. This ale is perfect for people who enjoy lagers. It is low in malty flavor and low in hops/bitterness. In the logging world, “Beaver bait” means loose logs and debris.

    • RIS: Russian Imperial Stout

      IBU 58; 8.3% ABV

      This stout is big, bold, and beautiful. Extra roasted barley and a meaningful amount of crystal malt round out this bolshoi malchik (Big Boy).

    • Jager Porter

      IBU 34; 7.0 % ABV

      This robust porter is dark and roasty with generous chocolate malt flavors and low bitterness. "Hunter" (Jager in German) was named for Jack Yager; winner of the 2018 The Children's Foundation auction item "Be Your Own Brewer at Beardslee".

    • Hoppy Hoppy Nelson Beer

      IBU: 70; 6.8% ABV

      A standard IPA (if you live in New Zealand)! Featuring lots of Nelson Sauvin hops from down under as well as a touch of Comet hops from Washington state.

    • Belgian Quadrupel

      IBU 22; 9.4% ABV

      A classic Belgian big beer. Rochefort 10 is the gold standard for this style and the inspiration for this elixir. Made slightly less strong then Rochefort, it still packs a punch. Dried fruit caramel and candy sugar are all present in this fabulous sipper.

    • Wilson Marzen

      IBU 24; 5.8% ABV

      A light and crisp slightly malty "Marzen" lager. Think Octoberfest! Think Harvest Bier! Features German Tettnang hops.

    • Bad Axe

      IBU 66; 7.1% ABV

      We use Simcoe and Amarillo hops, and also dry hop with Simcoe and Amarillo to make this dank IPA burst with notes of melon and stone fruit coupled to a long-lasting finish.

    • Tangelo Sour Ale

      IBU 18; 5.4% ABV

      A kettle sour ale that has spent some time getting infused with the oils and juice of 75 lbs of Tangelos. A Tangelo is a hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine.


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